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General orthopedics for adults and children
Injuries happen to all of us and our doctors are here to assist you in returning to your active lifestyle. We provide surgical and non-surgical management of orthopedic injuries including fracture care of adults and children. We perform care for nerve problems including carpal tunnel surgery.
Arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and ankle
Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique involving several small incisions and specialized instruments to treat joint injuries. Arthroscopy is usually performed at an outpatient surgery center and typically allows faster recovery times. Our physicians perform arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and…
Joint replacement of the shoulder, hip and knee
Joint arthritis is a wearing of the cartilage on the end of bones. Symptoms include pain, swelling and deformity. There are non-operative treatment options that can improve your pain and function. These include medicines, joint injections and bracing. If surgery is needed our doctors perform proven,…
Sports Medicine including ACL and ligament reconstruction
Sports medicine involves the treatment of sports related injuries for the high level athlete and the athlete in all of us. Injuries can include sprains and strains or more serious injuries that may require surgery. Our goal is return the athlete to the optimal level of activity.

Seguin Sports Medicine
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Orthopedics is a practice in medicine that can help in prevention or managing injuries of the body that impacts the bones, limbs, joints and muscle tissue. It mostly affects children. It really is at times tough to understand the children that suffer from it because there are lots of causes of this impairments. One needs to be taken into a physician for being checked. You'll find indications which could be noticed inside a child who may well just be suffering from orthopedic problems. If this is so, they encounter regular accidents as well as long lasting pain. Also the child is not capable of target. You need to bring them into a Seguin Sports Medicine the moment achievable.

A child might be born using this disease and it might trigger joint impairments. You'll find organic leads to which could result to suffering from this ailment like mind problem, automobile or car accidents, incidents that take place when taking part in or throughout sports.

The ailment can be prevented although health schooling, nourishment and immunization. Individuals can elevate recognition of cleanliness and nourishment so youngsters may have and create strong bones and grow to be illness resistant. Pregnant moms ought to take care of on their own to avoid premature births which could result in orthopedic. This may also avoid situations that could result in complex births. Youngsters should be taken for vaccinations towards illnesses like polio.

Nonetheless this condition could be handled. Sufferers can be taken to rehabilitation facilities. Listed here the sufferers are helped to regain their energy, in order that they are able to go house and continue with there normal every day activities. They're able to beneath go treatment, remedy of there neck and again and in addition get taught regarding how to look after on their own so as to get well rapidly.

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