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General orthopedics for adults and children
Injuries happen to all of us and our doctors are here to assist you in returning to your active lifestyle. We provide surgical and non-surgical management of orthopedic injuries including fracture care of adults and children. We perform care for nerve problems including carpal tunnel surgery.
Arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and ankle
Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique involving several small incisions and specialized instruments to treat joint injuries. Arthroscopy is usually performed at an outpatient surgery center and typically allows faster recovery times. Our physicians perform arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and…
Joint replacement of the shoulder, hip and knee
Joint arthritis is a wearing of the cartilage on the end of bones. Symptoms include pain, swelling and deformity. There are non-operative treatment options that can improve your pain and function. These include medicines, joint injections and bracing. If surgery is needed our doctors perform proven,…
Sports Medicine including ACL and ligament reconstruction
Sports medicine involves the treatment of sports related injuries for the high level athlete and the athlete in all of us. Injuries can include sprains and strains or more serious injuries that may require surgery. Our goal is return the athlete to the optimal level of activity.

San Antonio Sports Medicine
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San Antonio Sports Medicine is a department of medication which is perturbed with the therapy and prevention of injuries and issues associated with musculoskeletal system. Musculoskeletal system consists of body's joints, tendons, bones, muscle tissue and ligaments.

The medical difficulties that may have an effect on the bones are bone deformities (a lot of the individuals using this issue are born with it), bone infections usually from various viruses. Other issues in the bone are: bone fractures, tumors, require for amputation, spinal deformities and nonunions and malunions. The joint problems are arthritis, dislocation, bursitis, joint pain, tearing of the ligament and joint tenderness.

Orthopedic care mainly involves a team method. The crew could include: physicians, non-doctors experts, actual physical therapist amongst other people. The surgeons that curry's out orthopedic procedures spends extra five years or maybe more of training in order to become well outfitted with all of the required skills and knowledge. However, a bodily medical treatment and rehabilitation professional spends additional four years or more of training right after graduating from healthcare university. These physiatrists usually do not perform surgical treatment but only give joint injections.

Orthopedics team could have interaction other physicians including Neurologists, main care doctors, psychiatrists and discomfort professionals. Non-doctors could also involve other professionals such as athletics trainers, psychologists, counselors, nurse practitioners and social staff. Sports activities medicine doctors are specialised in athletics treatment and have a main sphere in loved ones follow, inner medication, pediatrics, emergency medicine and rehabilitation. The majority of them have 1-2 years of additional coaching in sports medication via some sub-programs in athletics medicine. Sport medicine as being a department of orthopedics, it really is especially intended to give all health-related care to individuals of young and old lively in different games.

One in the most preferred means of diagnosing and occasionally dealing with orthopedic situations is imaging (like bone scans, X-ray and discography). Hyaluronic acid (relieves pain) and corticosteroid injections are a few of the means of correcting orthopedic difficulty that entails introduce medicine into the areas with aching.

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